• E-Catalogue

    Published: October 2014

    Owning an example of Australia’s very first gold coin, the 1852 Adelaide Pound, is for many collectors a lifetime’s ambition. The coin is rare and is highly valued. So finding an example that doesn’t break the bank is no easy task. And that’s where Coinworks comes in. read more
  • Interview with Alan Jones - 2GB

    Published: 2014-09-30

    2GB Radio broadcaster, Alan Jones talks to Coinworks Managing Director, Belinda Downie, about the sale of two of Australia’s very first Commonwealth banknotes, numbered 4 and 5; the property of Prime Minister Andrew Fisher. read more
  • Fisher’s banknotes are up there with the Eureka flag

    Published: 2014-09-05

    Just as the miners were fighting for self-government, Fisher in his quiet, methodical and passionate way was fighting for Australian independence and the banknotes were one of the weapons he used.” Interview with David Day, award winning historian, by journalist Anthony Black. read more
  • Historical Collection from the late Philip Spalding

    Published: 2014-10-01

    We have just acquired Philip Spalding’s collection of Proclamation and foreign coins: each coin photographed in his book “The World of the Holey Dollar”. Published in 1973, the book is to this day a leading reference on Australia’s early currency history. Spalding’s collection is comprised of 52 coins and ... read more
  • The 1813 Holey Dollar – a double history makes it doubly interesting

    Published: 2014-09-26

    With the higher value of five shillings, and its imposing size, the 1813 Holey Dollar is indisputably the dominant partner in the Holey Dollar and Dump pairing. Furthermore it is the only coin in the partnership to clearly show that it began its life as a Spanish Silver Dollar. It is one coin created from another and its double history makes it doubly interesting. read more
  • The Property Of A Prime Minister

    Published: September 2014

    A sequential pair of Australia’s first Commonwealth Banknotes numbered 4 and 5; the original property of Andrew Fisher. Sold with an official letter and envelope from the Commonwealth of Australia, Prime Minister’s Office, hand signed by Fisher. read more

Coinworks - Coins and Banknotes

Rare coin and banknote company, Coinworks, has long been regarded as the leader in its field.

Coinworks Managing Director, Belinda Downie, leads a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals, who have collectively notched up more than 60 years’ experience in the rare coin and banknote industry.

The very reason why Coinworks was appointed in 2013 to sell the Commonwealth of Australia’s first ever banknote, M000001.

And again in 2013, collaborated with ASX-listed Macquarie Group in hosting an exhibition that celebrated the 200th anniversary of the 1813 Holey Dollar and Dump.

Coinworks enjoys an enviable worldwide reputation in the numismatics industry and has established an extensive and growing client list.

Rare coin and banknote buyers and sellers – big and small – share a common theme; they have been fairly rewarded after dealing with, and placing their trust in, Coinworks.