1927 Florin - 2
1927 Florin - 1
1927 Proof Florin Parliament House
RaritySighted at auction perhaps once every twelve months
ProvenanceGeorge Hutchison Collection, Status Auction 2005
Price$ 65,000

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The 1927 Proof Canberra Florin is Australia's first commemorative coin and one of Australia’s most prized pieces among collectors. These coins are both popular and in limited supply.

The market acknowledged the exceptional nature of this particular Proof Canberra Florin when it came up at auction in 2005.  

Sharply struck and brilliantly preserved, enhanced by beautiful gun metal grey toning, it was one of the most widely contested pieces of the auction, the final result setting a world record price for a top quality Proof Canberra Florin.

There are some features to look out for when considering the purchase of a rare coin for investment. This Proof Canberra Florin has them all!

Look for an impressive record of growth.  This is a sign that the coin is popular and in limited supply. Proof Canberra’s have a solid and impressive track record.

Look for quality. This proof is classified as FDC, has beautiful gun metal grey toning and is superb for quality.

Look for rarity.The Canberra Proof Florin is a rare collectible with only 400 struck. Natural attrition has taken its toll on the original mintage and maybe one or two would be sighted on the market each year.

Quality is a further defining factor on rarity and setting high quality standards will lengthen the waiting time. To obtain a coin at this quality level you would have to wait several years.

Look for items that are important. The ’27 Proof Canberra Florin was struck by the Melbourne Mint to test the waters of commercial proof coin production. This exercise, to determine the viability of selling proofs to the public, occurred in eight years only between 1916 and 1953 and led to the current coining series taken up by the Royal Australian Mint in 1966 – and which continues today.

As a closing point, while the 1927 Canberra Florin is one of our most important pre-decimal coins, it is arguably our most beautiful.

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